A New Chapter

Dear loyal and faithful readers,

I’m writing to you from my parents couch in Gladstone as a new Griffith Graduate of a Social Work degree. To be honest I feel the same as always just slightly more proud of myself.

Three days ago I received a phone call from a job I had applied and interviewed for in Townsville offering me the full time position within a highly respected organisation, in a role that any social work graduate would be honoured to obtain. For the past three days I have been tossing and turning trying to decide if saying yes to this job and going through with it is the right decision. I’m scared. It all comes down to my self confidence and my nerves/anxiety. But today, I’m surprised and extremely happy and excited about this opportunity and look forward to moving to Townsville. Today for the first time since being offered the job I am completely happy without a doubt in my mind that I have made the right decision. For three days I had been conflicted on which path to take, so I’m relieved that I have made it to this stage so that when I do move in 18 days  I’m not going to be hesitant.

A brand new chapter awaits me, with lots of fun, adventure and growth. I may not be great at this job and that’ll be okay because I have support around me and I would have learnt new things. I may be good at this job and that will be great and I will have done myself proud and shocked myself once again. Whatever happens I am ready for it and I will give it my all, everything I have. I won’t hold back. I know that I am extremely lucky to be given such an honourable and wonderful opportunity and I will be grateful everyday of 2015.

If I fail, I learn. If I succeed, I am lucky. Either way I can’t lose.

2015, You were always the year that I had no idea what was going to happen. This is going to be exciting.


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