Changes to my blog – its about collaboration


Hey Guys 🙂

So I have been busy and stressed with my placement lately and have put my blog on the back burner to allow me the time i needed to freak out about graduation.

My blog has never been forgotten about though and I have been thinking about what direction I’d like to take with this. After many months of me freaking out I have decided that my blog can be of great use to me and my practice as a social worker.

I’m going to allow my blog to not only be my reflection but also my research and discovery. I also want to make this blog engaging with my friends and family, I honestly want you to provide me with your opinions, experiences and critiques. I want this blog to also provide support and resources to everyone, i want it to be helpful to myself and also you guys.

I wont put a time limit on my posts as that seems to get me nowhere. I will aim for one every 3 months as I want to put a lot of time into these pieces.

At the moment I’ve already started working on my next post which will be around mental health. I’m going to be writing this blog from many different angles and providing helpful information for those experiencing a mental illness or those who know of someone who is living with a mental illness. So basically everyone. I also would like input from anyone and everyone who would like to provide me with their experiences, thoughts, opinions or strategies. I will be contacting some people and asking if they’d like to have anything within the article or what they want in the article so I may be contacting you in regards to my blog posts. if you don’t have anything to say that’s completely fine. If I don’t contact you but you have something you’d like to contribute you are more than welcome to contact me. I will be posting a blog to inform everyone of my next topic so everyone can have the opportunity to have their say. How’s this sounding to everyone?
Also this blog will hopefully help me to write better and articulate my words more goodly.


next blog is about mental health – have your say!!