What are your wrongs as a tenant?

As of late I feel that this subject needs to be addressed. Recently (as a tenant) I have felt as though I have not been treated fairly and in accordance to the RTA by my landlord/real estate (yes, they are one in the same!)  My landlord comes over freely and knocks on our door and sees no problem in this. Meanwhile it is creating anxiety with me and my housemates. It’s a scary thing to have your landlord at your doorstep. If your house is untidy in any way at all, you feel anxious. Our landlord is a lovely lady and I do like her, however I’m scared that she may even enter the house when we aren’t home, whats to say she won’t if she can freely enter onto the property without so much as a phone call asking if it’s okay.

This happening to me has made me realise that so many people I know do not know their rights as a tenant OR realise their rights but are too afraid to say anything for fear of being homeless. I feel that the system lets down the tenant in many ways. Yes, the tenant has rights and can actively pursue them, but at what cost? Is it worth it? If you submit forms of breaches will the landlord just not offer you a new lease? In my situation, yes, unfortunately that seems to be the hanging threat above my head. My landlord/real estate is unprofessional and has crossed the line too many times without a care. I do not wish this to continue and it creates fear and anger. However, I do not wish to move and I love my location, my house and my family (housemates). Is this the price renters have to pay in Australia? constantly living in fear and angst?  It could always be worse, I know that. But in my opinion it should be better and that’s what I always strive for.

This blog was just food for thought and slight information into my life and brain. I will be adding a blog in the future informing people about rights that people don’t even know and they should! For instance! did you know if your stove is broken or something essential is broken and it doesn’t get fixed, you can apply to pay less rent? No one seems to know this. The system seems set up to see people just go along with whatever treatment is given to them.


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